Two Tips for Farmers Who Intend to Have Irrigation Systems Fitted in Their Crop Fields

If you have decided to have an irrigation system fitted in your farm's crop fields, the advice outlined here may be of use to you.

Get the irrigation equipment installed just after you have finished harvesting your crops

When you call the irrigation systems installation company, you should arrange for them to come to your farm and fit the irrigation equipment a few days after the date on which you expect to have finished harvesting your crops. The reason for this is that if there are no crops in the soil, the employees from the aforementioned company won't have to tread quite so carefully when working in order to avoid trampling all over the vegetables or fruits in your fields. Similarly, they won't need to lay the irrigation pipes in an overly cautious and slow manner to avoid uprooting nearby plants. This will enable them to work quickly and get your new system up and running in as short a time as possible  

Similarly, if you get this done after you've harvesting everything in the fields, you won't have to risk losing money as a result of some of your valuable crops being accidentally destroyed during the installation of this system.

Ensure that you do not place the pipes in areas of the ground that you herd your sheep or cattle

If possible, you should try to make sure that the irrigation pipes that are laid near the outer edges of your crop fields are not placed too close to or under any pathways through which you herd your sheep or cattle. While these pipes will be buried fairly deep into the soil, it is still possible that they could be damaged by your livestock if these animals trample over this soil on a regular basis. This is mainly because livestock of this kind can weigh several hundred pounds; as such, the weight of their bodies pressing down on the soil could eventually lead to the pipes underneath them breaking.

If the installation specialists tell you that the only option is to put the pipes in the area that your livestock travel along regularly, you may need to create an alternative route for your animals. Whilst this could be a tiresome task, it could save you the cost of having to pay for new parts of your irrigation system to be replaced in the future.

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