What Equipment Should You Use to Install Irrigation on Your New Farm?

To set up an arable farm anywhere in Australia, you must pay close attention to the elements. You'll likely get plenty of sunshine to ensure your crops will grow as quickly and effectively as possible, but you'll want to water them carefully to fend off any unrelenting drought. So, if you're about to set up a new arable farm and are turning your attention to irrigation, what method should you use to install the piping?

Efficiency First

Irrigation on this scale is very different to a typical back garden. You may have a vast number of hectares to cover, and if you don't use the most efficient method, you could spend more of your valuable time, effort and resources than you need to.

Fewer Methods

There are two different methods available to you. One is trenching, and the other involves using a vibratory plough.

More Involved

A trencher is very effective and can easily lay the groundwork. You need to tow a powerful trenching machine behind your tractor, which has a large, chain-like device that splits open the ground and creates the correct space. You can then install your irrigation pipes and cover them with the soil you displaced during the excavation. However, some think this approach is very disruptive and shifts far more soil than is necessary to achieve the same goal.

Less Intrusive

A vibratory plough will, on the other hand, be far less invasive. With this machine, you drive along a predetermined track, and the device will make an incision that is very narrow and even quite difficult to see. The irrigation pipe will be attached via a chain to another part of the machine and pulled into place as you work. With this approach, you can install piping in even the tightest spaces, and the work will not disturb the ground on top.

Adding Capability

You might even be able to install new piping into an existing arable field without digging up whatever you have already sown. So, you might add some additional irrigation lines if your current crops are not getting enough moisture for any reason.

Planning Your Installation

While a vibratory plough seems like the best choice, it may not always be the most efficient in every case. For this reason, you should talk with your irrigation experts to see which approach is best for you. After all, the more efficient a choice you make now, the quicker you can launch your new project.

For more information about irrigation installation, contact a local professional.

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