Are Your Chickens Getting Enough Minerals? How Poultry Grit Can Help

Keeping your chickens healthy and happy is a top priority for any poultry farmer or backyard chicken enthusiast. While providing them with a balanced diet is essential, it's also important to ensure they are getting enough minerals. One way to support their mineral intake is by offering poultry grit. Below, this article will take a look at what poultry grit is, why it's important for your chickens, and how you can incorporate it into your feeding regime.

What Is Poultry Grit?

Poultry grit is a substance made up of small, hard particles such as crushed granite, oyster shells, or insoluble grit. It serves as a digestive aid for chickens, helping them break down and grind up their food in their gizzards. Grit is especially crucial for chickens that don't have access to free-range foraging, as they may not find enough naturally occurring grit in their environment.

What Are the Benefits of Poultry Grit?

Improved Digestion

Chickens don't have teeth, so they use their gizzards to break down food for proper digestion. Poultry grit provides the necessary abrasion to help break down food, ensuring better absorption of nutrients.

Stronger Eggshells

Calcium is an essential mineral for hens to produce strong eggshells. By incorporating poultry grit into their diet, you can make sure your chicks have access to the necessary calcium, resulting in healthier eggs.

Preventing Nutritional Deficiencies

Poultry grit also helps prevent nutritional deficiencies in chickens. It aids in the absorption of essential minerals like phosphorus, which is important for bone development and overall health.

How to Use Poultry Grit

Choose the Right Size

Poultry grit comes in different sizes, and it's important to select the appropriate type. For young chicks, opt for smaller-sized grit, while adult birds will require larger particles.

Offer Grit Separately

Place poultry grit in a separate container or feeder, ensuring it is always accessible to your chickens. Avoid mixing it directly with their regular feed, as this may result in overconsumption or wastage.

Monitor Consumption

Keep an eye on your chickens' grit consumption. While they should have access to it at all times, excessive consumption may indicate a nutritional imbalance or health issue. Consult a veterinarian if you notice any concerns.


Providing your chickens with adequate minerals is essential for their overall health and productivity. Incorporating poultry grit into their diet can help ensure proper digestion and stronger eggshells and prevent nutritional deficiencies. For more info, contact a poultry grit supplier today.

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